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    The Sully Group offers Real Estate Sales in Irvine and all of Orange County and surrounding areas. Looking for tried and true real estate expertise? Let The Sully Group’s 30 years plus of real estate knowledge and experience work for you! 

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    Whether you are looking for a home to buy or sell in Orange County, partnering with the right team is crucial. The peace of mind that comes from dealing with a firm with a high level of integrity and conviction will make all the difference in the world.

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        It’s a tool used by all across the nation, stagers know its power. Real estate agents push its importance. What is this not-so-well-kept secret of real estate? A kitchen can sell a house! A kitchen is the heart of a home. This is true all across the globe. The old saying that the […]

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      A Micro Home? Most people would balk at the idea of living in a home that’s only 300 square feet (or less!). For a growing number of people, it would be a dream come true. With the uncertain economy and the current state of the housing industry, more and more people are joining the micro house movement. These homes […]

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        4 Frugal Ways To Expand Your Living Space Despite having outgrown their living space due to a growing family or changing lifestyle, homeowners have lost some of the freedom to hunt for a new home because of the current market. Those homeowners face a choice. Either they make the most out of their […]

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    You may have had your annual physical exam and taken your car in for scheduled service this year, but what about your annual financial checkup? If you were on a long road trip, you’d stop occasionally and look at the map to see if you were headed in the right direction. Wouldn’t you? Well, an […]

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    Great News! Lower Fees! More Savings And More Buying Power.The Federal Housing Administration will significantly lower the fees it charges borrowers, a move designed to save individual home buyers hundreds of dollars annually and help jump-start the housing market. The bmortage insurance feesb on FHA loans, an especially popular source of financing for first-time home […]

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    5 Uncommon Ways To Raise Your Credit Score For The New Year! When it comes to cultivating a credit score you’ve probably got the good citizen routine down cold. You pay on time, try to wipe out the entire balance every month and never close too many accounts at once. Beyond the basics, though, many […]

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        Reasons To Use Home Equity …Some Good, Some Bad Homeowners who have equity might be tempted to extract some of that wealth and use it for other immediate needs or wants. But should you use a cash-out refinance, home equity loan or home equity line of credit to replace your roof? What about […]

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        Getting Ready To Apply? Give Your Mortgage Application The Best Chance Of Success With These Tips Finding The Right Lender When choosing the right mortgage lender, you should look for one that is clear about the types of loans they offer and committed to helping you make the right decision. If you find […]

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    Choosing Your Retirement Climate It’s easy to dream about your ideal retirement location, but how do you know that the city you choose will match up to your fantasy? Travel brochures, movies and destination TV shows can make many locations look like paradise. Whether your dream is of the high desert, sunny beaches, or majestic […]

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    Top 7 Mortgage Tips For 2014 The clock is ticking for buyers and homeowners who want to grab a low mortgage rate in 2014. But if you stay on top of your game, keep your finances in order and act quickly you can either refinance or purchase a new home, and still grab attractive mortgage […]

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