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I found Gary to be very knowledgeable regarding the neighborhood nuances of Orange County. It was apparent to me Gary really cared about getting me into the right home and wasn’t just trying to make a sale. In addition, he was able to add a ton of value when it came to home improvement ideas and his rolodex of contacts enabled me to get good prices regarding the renovations on my newly purchased home. He is patient, personable, trustworthy and experienced. He is my go to guy for anything real estate related.

Deiya P



Gary/ Leah,

Thank you again for all you have done. Please accept this testimonial.

For someone that needed to sell a property from a state they didn’t live in anymore, Leah and Gary Sully came to my rescue. After listening to what I needed, they came back with a very strong plan of attack and succeeded 100%. They made every step of the process so easy, even when we ran into road blocks. Leah and Gary Sully were pure joy to work with. I wholeheartedly believe that if I had any other team selling my property, it would have taken much longer to sell. They made the entire process of selling my property as smooth as can be.

Dennis Foster



To whoever is looking for the best.

In today’s professional real estate marketplace, we usually encounter GE people (good enough), those who are adequate in accomplishing the task at hand. Well, I was blessed to not get one of those! Fortunately, I was lucky enough to get a highly skilled and trained individual, Gary Sully.
After meeting and discussing the current real estate market with Gary, I knew I was in capable hands. Gary was forthright, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic on getting started. Long story short, prior to Gary, our home was on the market for roughly 4 months and yet within four (4) days of teaming up with Gary Sully and his team, we were in escrow, and closed 30 days later. Absolutely amazing! While there were the usual obstacles along the way Gary found solutions which worked out best for everyone,. So, as an additional character trait I must add perseverance. Gary knew our neighborhood, got the word out and the rest is history. Want to move your home? Call Gary Sully and his team.


John & Mary Ondrak


I have been working with Gary for nearly 10 years. He started off by managing our property (the house I grew up in. Over the years, Gary was a trusted and reliable source for advising on rent levels, inevitable maintenance problems that would arise, and how the market was looking in case we wanted to sell. He was very patient with me as I was constantly curious about when we should sell the house.


This year, we decided to sell the house. I had met many real estate agents over the years, but there was no question that we wanted to work with Gary. He knew the house inside out. The sale process was where he really shined. He tackled key problems (including negotiations with tenants, finding paperwork with the city, and dealing with many types of potential buyers). My wife and I were living in Chicago, so we couldn’t be very hands-on. He made it very easy for us – he was extremely responsive via email and text, and he would get paperwork done very efficiently using online tools that I could use via mobile. He and Leah were an absolute delight to work with. I consider Gary a good friend now.


I would recommend Gary to anyone, including my closest friends and family, for professional help with their real estate.

Vishal Kumar Gupta

What an amazing service!  We’ve owned our home in Tustin for over 20 years.  10 years ago we moved to Washington State and decided to rent out our home.  Well, after 10 years we were ready to sell.  I was introduced to Gary Sully through our property management company.  After grilling poor Gary on the phone for some time I realized he wasn’t the hard sell type.  He has significant personal and professional history in Orange County, about 30 years if I’m remembering correctly.

Gary made the process painless.  He has the knowledge, history, experience, support and network available enabling us to get our house sold at the price we wanted in the timeline we needed.  Talk about great customer service!  He and his team are responsive and resourceful.  I knew everything that was needed the moment it was needed.  Was able to reach him EVERYTIME I needed to talk to him.  I’ve bought and sold property in Southern California a number of times and this was by far the most seamless transaction I’ve ever encountered…. And I wasn’t even in the state when it happened!  Thank you Gary and The Sully Group!

Lori Gartland


Hi Gary and Leah,

We are very grateful for your efficiency in selling of our Brea property.

Please keep in touch.





Hi Eric,

The escrow for Sather Court in Brea is officially closed today.

We appreciate that you recommended Gary and Leah as our sale agents.

They sold our Brea property in a short period time and handled the transaction in the efficient way. Gary mentioned that your company managed our proper very well and the property was kept in a good condition. We thank you and Bryant for taking care our property in the past several years.



Thank you, Gary & Leah, for making it an easy transition.

31 Almador was the first ever real estate purchase in my life and now it is also the first (and only) piece of real estate I’ve ever sold.

Ron Hall

San Diego, CA 92130

Dear Leah & Gary,

First of all on behalf of Craig and myself, I want to thank you both for your professionalism in executing the above sale.
I have had property dealings in the past and never experienced such ‘smooth sailing’.
I will highly recommend you to anyone I know whether buying or selling.

Thank you once again, it was a pleasure meeting you both and having you as my Property Managers and Realtors.


We wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for all the follow-through and communication. You are doing a great job for us (and the tenants), and we know that our home is in great hands. Just wanted to take a moment to express our appreciation!

Look forward to hearing from you about the filter.


Lisa and Ole

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I just wanted to write this quick note to say a HUGE THANKYOU for what you did for us last weekend. By helping us out with our gas issue (and ending our cold showers!) you set the week off to a great start.

Where we come from nobody works on a weekend. For both you and your husband to call around to take care of things really made us feel welcome to our adopted country.

We also appreciated everything Zac did for us during the week. Nothing was too much trouble for him and the house is now perfect.

We have now taken care of the balance of the initial funds owed and have also set up the autopay facility on your website for all future payments.

Thankyou again for going significantly above and beyond what we would expect. We look forward to being in this home for a long time to come.

Lawrence & Sandy

Dear Gary and Patricia,

I understand that my sister’s Scholarship condo unit closed escrow yesterday and the deal is completed.

Just a word of thanks for your patience, diligence and follow through. In the overall picture, you got the property listed, under contract and sold in a relatively short period of time. Despite the (likely typical) hiccups along the way, things worked out. Well done and thank you!

I hope to once again own property (myself) in California again and I hope we might be able to do business together again. It would be a pleasure.

With best regards,

Mark Review – Read it here

Summary of their experience:
Gary is incredibly knowledgeable about the community and market. He and his team are responsive!!! When you’re looking for a home you need a team like this on your side.

Service provided:
Helped me find a home to rent

We were surprised at how much was intact (I bet you get a lot of comments to the opposite).

At any rate, your crew at the house were very wonderful and we appreciate your help getting through the move.

All of you have been utterly professional and great at communicating from start to finish and I sincerely appreciated your business!

Warm regards,

Thank you so much for helping with the management and selling of Paseo La Vista.  It was really tough to be on the East Coast with a home on the West Coast.  Your group was great and I wouldn’t have done it without IPM and Bridget, my PM.



I just viewed the slide show that you guys sent to us and just wanted to say  that you did a beautiful job getting 7 Bellevue ready for sale…it really  looks buttoned up and shows very nicely…many thanks to you and Gary and  whoever else was responsible for getting it ready for sale!  I love the  paint colors in the house and the appliances too and the landscaping looked  real nice and neat and tidy…again many thanks to you and the team at IPM! I’m sure we’ll be in touch in the next day or two…you’ll probably hear from  my partner…Jim! Once again …many thanks on a job very well done!!!
Kind regards, Diane and Jim Fraser

Hi Gary,
I send you my warmest congratulations for your tremendous success  at IPM. 40 years  of service is a great achievement ! You lead a great team. Wish you all the best and continued great success !!

Hi Gary,

Congratulations on 40 years in business – not an  insignificant achievement in todays economic climate!!

And, thanks for the great service, and professionalism that  you and your team provide.  It has given me great security in ownership of  a rental property – particularly when we live so far away in Australia.

Paul Scarfe


Gary and his staff have been great in dealing with a couple of emergencies we had with our home recently. Gary responded immediately and sent excellent people to deal with the issues and got them resolved before they caused any more problems. I highly recommend them! F. C. Johnson

Thanks for finding good tenants so quickly. You deserve the full finder’s fee. Please bill me your usual fee. I know you agreed to forgo your charges because you sold me the unit. I very much appreciate this. But you and your staff have put in a lot of time and effort and I want to show my appreciation !

Thanks again


I wanted to personally thank you for your continued membership with the California Association of Realtors. Your dedication to the Real Estate Industry and the Association is greatly appreciated. If there is anything C.A.R can do for you, please email me.

– Robert California Association of Realtors